E-books and more

Through the Kansas State Library and 3M e-book service, Johnston Public Library offers free e-books for loan.

*How do I access e-books?
Patrons who are Kansas residents may come to the library and sign up for a free Kansas Library Card.
Patrons must have a 3M-compatible e-reader. At this time, basic Amazon Kindles are not compatible. There are also apps available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Android, and Kindle Fire.

*Can I keep the e-books that I check out on my e-reader?
No. 3M e-books are loaned out for a certain number of days. All checked out material will be taken off the e-reader on the due date.

*Do I have to use the e-books at the library?
No. 3M e-books can be accessed from your home computer (with internet connection) or any location with wi-fi.

*What else does 3M offer?
In addition to fiction and nonfiction e-books, Kansas EZ Library has audiobooks and music available.

*Will Kindles ever be compatible with 3M e-books?
At the current time, Amazon and 3M have not reached an agreement that would allow compatibility.

For more information: http://www.kslib.info/digitalbooks.